How to prep, get ready & use the off season to your advantage!

As the boating off season quickly (and unfortunately) approaches us, planning ahead is key to avoiding delays and disconnected communication with your “haul out” marina of choice. “You might think that all you have to do is show up with your boat to be plucked from the water and deposited safely in the yard, but not so fast. Forward planning ensures things go smoothly for you, your boat, and the yard… Give the yard as much notice as possible: Don’t wait until the day before and expect them to be able to accommodate you. Keep in mind that the yard’s busy season is during late fall when boats are pulled for winter storage and then again in the spring when boats are relaunched.” (Boat U.S., 2018, Boat Haul Out). Off season is a great time to service your boat. Shall you choose a simple oil change, annual tune-up, bottom paint job, or all of the above – Anchor’s Way Marina offers full boat services for all boater’s wants and needs. Prep for spring launch by scheduling to have your boat serviced during the “off season.” “On the actual day of the haul, plan to be there if you can… as a general rule, the workers in the yard have much experience moving and blocking boats, so it’s best to leave it up to them as to how they do it.” (Boat U.S., 2018, Boat Haul Out). To view full article, click here.

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Haul & Store

Haul Out & Store

Haul Out & Store with Anchor’s Way Marina this Winter! Download our Full Price Book for Storage Options & Prices for the quickly approaching “off season!”

Winterize & Service

Winterize & Service

Whether you’re looking for complete boat winterization, annual engine maintenance, or a complete paint job, Anchor’s Way Marina offers a full service team to meet all your “off season” needs! Download our Full Price Book for more information.

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